Engineering Capability

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Non-standard customization

Has a variety of metal and plastic to map processing capabilities

With perfect process planning team and quality assurance team

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aided design

The company's R & D department, with structural and electrical design capabilities, can be involved in customer design early on.

With independent ODM project design ability, reduce the pressure of client design

Back to the factory, always verify, shorten the project development cycle.

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Surface treatment

It has one full-automatic spraying line, one semi-automatic spraying line and three bakeries.

Can complete the color spraying and size of 6 meters below the product coating

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One-stop solution for medical and security equipment

The company has a sound project management and procurement team, customers only need to provide demand.

We can purchase, verify and assemble foreign purchased parts including cables, motors, brakes, etc.

Service guarantee

Star-rated cloud four-star enterprise

Municipal intelligent workshop

Provincial Specialized Special New Enterprise

The company has 8 invention patents and 58 utility model patents.

In 2020, 3 invention patents and 13 utility model patents were applied.

2019 through provincial high-tech enterprises

2020 through Suzhou Enterprise Technology Center

Through the provincial enterprise technology center in 2022

2022 through the municipal specialized new

In 2023, the provincial specialization and special new